* World's largest grower of woodland ginseng

         * Specializing in aged woodsgrown root


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Great Lakes Ginseng farm is located in remote hardwood forests near the shores of Lake Superior in Northern Michigan. By growing our ginseng under the natural canopy of hardwood forests, the root takes on the characteristics of wild ginseng. Each year the root remains in the ground increases its wild properties and medicinal effects.

We purchased our farm in 2005 and began a planting program in 2006. Since then we have been harvesting woodsgrown ginseng planted by the previous owner. In fall 2013 we harvested the last of the 16-year-old root and all of this ginseng has been sold.

In 2014 we will begin harvesting 8-year-old ginseng from one of the gardens we planted in 2006 and at that time will be in a position to supply  a much greater quantity of mixed-grade woodsgrown roots as well as powder and low-grade roots. We apologize for the shortage of products in 2012 and 2013 because of family illness and a gap in planting by the previous owners. We appreciate the business of all our past customers and look forward to doing business with you again in fall of 2014.



Owned and operated by:

n  Dr. Grace V. Malicky, Ph.D. Education, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


Great Lakes Wild Woodland Ginseng Limited Partnership.  Last updated October 2013.